Title Exams

Masstitle.com has been providing national vendors as well as attorneys throughout Massachusetts with real estate title searches in every Registry of Deeds in Massachusetts for over twenty years.

Masstitle.com provides a variety of real estate title services, including current owner searches; two owner searches; as well as full (50 years) searches.

Our title exams can be tailored to suit the needs of our client.

In addition, Masstitle.com is associated with Attorneys who provide all of the legal services needed for any kind of a real estate transaction, including the preparation of a Purchase and Sale Agreement; the drafting of documents for the sale and/or purchase of real estate; as well as handling all of a lender’s requirements if a mortgage is involved.

The real estate title abstractors who perform the real estate title searches for Masstitle.com are experienced and reliable.

What separates Masstitle.com from similar real estate title search providers is the quick turn around time; the personal service that we provide; and the reasonableness of our fees.

Masstitle.com records in every Registry of Deeds and also retrieves documents in every Registry of Deeds in Massachusetts.

Before you choose a real estate title abstractor, give Masstitle.com a call and let us show you how we can assist you with all your real estate title search and real estate transaction needs.