What We Do For Lawyers


Not all lawyers handle real estate closings or even feel comfortable dealing with them, because of the changing requirements in closing mortgage loans, and the time commitment to handle a closing. That’s where and how we can help.
Closing loans; getting title searches done; recording documents; handling escrows; paying off mortgages; clearing title problems; these are just some of the services we provide to other lawyers.
We let the clients know that we are working with their lawyers, so that “their lawyers” stay involved. We are simply acting as their helpers to provide a service to their clients. We have no interest or need to takeover the handling or relationship with the client.
To sum up what we do for lawyers is that we help make their life easier. We take what for some is a burden and we provide our services in such a way that the lawyer stays involved and of course is at the closing–if he/she wants to attend. In fact we will close the loan at the lawyer’s office, so that there is never a question as to which lawyer is in charge.

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