What We Do For Lawyers

Over the past forty years, we have developed a relationship with many different Law Firms, providing them with our title search services.

Since 2010, we expanded our services for Lawyers by assisting Lawyers who do not handle an abundance of real estate closings, or who are not title insurance agents, and are just looking for someone to assist them in a real estate transaction.

We will Order the title, we will work with the mortgage lender (if there is one) and generally we will do everything necessary to have a smooth (problem free) closing. It is up to the Lawyer to decide just how much contact they want us to have with their client.

For those Lawyers who want to participate in the closing, we will provide the documents in such a format to accommodate their needs.

We will do everything possible to make sure that their clients are pleased with our services, which is probably why most of our business is generated by referrals from one Lawyer telling another Lawyer about us

So, if you are a Lawyer, and are looking for assistance in handling a real estate closing, give us a call. We will be pleased to help.

By the way, we cover the entire state. So, no matter where you or the property is located, we can help—even for last minute closings—or with last minute problems that need resolution.

We are ready, able, and anxious to provide Lawyers with our real estate services.

Our fees are fair. Our services are unsurpassed. We respond to phone calls and emails without delay. We appreciate the business we receive.